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 Отправлено SergeyMarina 13 ноября 2007   

Вышел первый пакет обновлений для визуализатора V-Ray 1.5. Обновление V-Ray 1.5 Service Pack 1 обеспечивает совместимость с 3ds Max 2008, добавляет некоторые новые функции и исправляет ошибки. Среди нововведений и исправлений можно отметить: – В материале VRayMtl появились карты для anisotropy и anisotropy orientation - В VRayProxy добавлен параметр Scale, коорый позволяет работать с утилитой Rescale World Units - В VRayFur добавлен новый параметр Taper - Карта VRayCompTex может использоваться как карта рельефа - Повышена надежность связи между V-Ray и V-Ray license server - Исправлены многие ошибки, которые приводили к аварийному закрытию программы при использовании VRayDomeCamera, при работе со сценами, где были визуализируемые сплайны, при использовании VRayLight со стандартным визуализатором. Зарегистрированные пользователи Vray могут скачать новую версию из раздела Support на официальном сайте. Полный список улучшений и исправлений ошибок можно прочитать на второй странице новостей. Щелкните по ссылке "Читать далее", чтобы увидеть их.

------------------------------------------------------------------ Build 1.50.SP1 - change log Modified features: (*) Compatibility with 3ds Max 2008; (*) If registered as a service, the V-Ray license server will be restarted automatically if it closes unexpectedly; (*) VRayMtl has texture maps for anisotropy and anisotropy orientation; (*) The "Clamp output" option now always affects the image, regardless of the "Don't affect colors" option for the color mapping; (*) VRayProxy has a Scale parameter that allows it to work with the "Rescale World Units" utility; (*) Schlick sampling is now the only path sampler supported by V-Ray; (*) More reliable communication between V-Ray and the V-Ray license server; (*) Added "Taper" parameter to VRayFur; (*) VRayCompTex can now be used as a bump map; (*) Color mapping will not affect background seen on matte objects if "Affect background" option is off; Bug fixes: (*) Restarting spawner on a machine causes clients to crash (when not rendering); (*) Crash when rendering renderable splines; (*) Crash at end of rendering when using VRayDomeCamera; (*) Crash when rendering VRayLight's with the scanline renderer; (*) Multi/sub materials with both a refractive and opacity-mapped materials rendered the refractive materials wrong; (*) The V-Ray license server did not list the number of engaged/free licesnes properly in the status web page; (*) The Panorama Exporter utility did not work properly; (*) VRayDirt could fall in an infinite cycle when applied on transparent objects itself; (*) When used with the -channel option, VRImg2EXR created additional empty channels in the resulting .exr file; (*) Inconsistent noise patterns between identical frames in animation; (*) Crashes under VIZ 2008 when loading scenes with VRayMtl materials with the "Show map in viewport" button and DirectX viewport display; (*) The number of light cache samples taken on the image could be lower than specified by the light cache Subdivs value; (*) VRayToon did not work with camera clipping; (*) VRayLight in skylight portal mode with the "Simple" option checked used the 3ds Max background, rather than the GI environment override specified in the V-Ray Environment rollout. (*) VRayLight with multiplier 0.0 now renders as though the light is turned off (resulting in faster renders in this case); (*) Reduced memory consumption per connection for the V-Ray license server; (*) VRaySun did not produce shadow render elements (VRayShadow, VRayMatteShadow etc) render elements; (*) The 3ds Max Composite material could produce incorrect alpha when used with transparent VRayMtl materials; (*) Slow rendering of objects with alpha contribution less than or equal to 0.0; (*) Distributed rendering though BackBurner was not working properly; (*) VRaySky could produce negative colors when the sun is below the horizon; (*) The raw lighting render elements did not respect opacity mapping; (*) The V-Ray scene converter script does not disable maps in the resulting VRayMtl materials when there are no map assigned in the original ones; (*) Objects not visible to GI blocked caustics; (*) Dark edges on glossy materials with VRayEdgesTex as bump map; (*) Irradiance map samples were not distributed correctly if the "Don't affect colors" option for Color mapping was on; (*) VRayWrapperMtl did not work inside a VRayBlendMtl material;

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